• 16.5.2017

    Dear Tripcendo Community,


    Tripcendo is embarking on a new journey. From this day forward, we will be known as - Packdat. Many of you are our pioneers, you took a chance with us when many others doubted us. You were so patient with us when we couldn't deliver. But we still have so much more to learn from you. We're not slowing down at all. In fact, we're just getting started.

    Looking back, we served hundreds of travellers to get a local Host to show them the best experiences in Southeast Asia. For that, we are grateful to have realised how small of a world we are all in. "A World Without Strangers."


    A few months back, my team and I sat down at our workspace and wondered, if we could do something more for our travellers to solve their needs. That's when we looked into Trip Planning, a painful (used to) part of travel. Then we realise, we could do more. We can truly change the way we plan our trips for the better, not just in our city, but throughout Asia.

    We believe that Trip-Planning with Friends could be the best part of travel. Just like writing your story, penning down, where and what you want to experience. And share it with the people we care about. Hence our tagline -

    The Stories We Share.

    Packdat makes trip planning with friends, fun, social and super simple with Real-Time Photos/Videos and Smartly Arranges your day-day itinerary, saving you transport cost and queuing time.

    With Packdat, we envision a whole new way of planning your trip with friends and on how you can tell your stories with travel.

    So let's continue the new journey together. We are determined to make travel experience better in this region and because of you, we are already doing so!


    Yours Sincerely,
    Zheng De (Felix) Lee, Co-Founder at Packdat