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Tripcendo Host Festival 2016

"Our first ever community meet"

On Saturday, November 5th, 2016, Tripcendo organised our first ever host community meet up to welcome our hosts into the community and shared our mission to grow this community whilst launching two host tools to help them, better host on

At Tripcendo Host Festival 2016, we had the opportunity to talk and interact with our local hosts in Singapore. Even a focus group discussion on how we can all grow the community together. We had 3 interesting line-ups during the event, sharing on what hosting at Tripcendo is about.

1. Welcome to Tripcendo Host by Co-founder & Product, Felix

2. Launch of New Updates by Co-founder & Marketing, Zeth (Next Blog)

3. Fireside Chat Talk with Host Kristie by Creative Director, Swift

Being a host is about caring for somebody and being a host is making someone feel like they live local anywhere they travel.

Tripcendo Host Kristie Fireside Chat Talk
Tripcendo Host Community

Opportunities to learn from and give feedback to Tripcendo leaders from across the company to help Tripcendo’s services better meet the needs of hosts as we evolve and grow together.

You inspire me. The stories and generous spirit of hosts like you are the reason so many traveller love travelling with Tripcendo. You are helping so many people around the world feel they can “Go Global, Live Local” on our planet. As hosts, you’re turning strangers into friends through opening your experiences and your hearts.

With gratitude for all you do for Tripcendo. We will see you at the next one.

- Felix, Co-founder

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